Lassair, Lok’Looth Return

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Pleasure to see our old friends Lassair and Lok’Looth, who have recently returned and have been hunting regularly. Always in need of quality healing and fighting! Osito has also been an excellent addition in his return.

Happy Birthday, Lister!

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Neko No Kessha would like to wish Lister a happy OOC birthday on his day August the 7th.

Hope you had a good one – ONE LOVE™!

                                             Lister, by Sor

Good Showing Leads to Great Hunt

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Tuesday’s hunt had a grand turnout of awesome people! With our clan core and superb healing, we had a quick and profitable run through Bison Plains. Good to see old friends Tafari and Kinon back in action as well!

Chacha’s Latest Proves Furry Ladies Are Sexy

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Aye’cha’s latest artwork is a steamy hit! She brings sexy back to ladies with a little extra fuzz. Impressive work, Chacha!

Latest NNK Hunt, Stocked With Shadowcats

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The latest NNK hunt to Estuary was an eventful one. Starting in the mountains, we encountered an unusually large Shadowcat spawn. After a successful run through Beartown, the feline theme continued in Bison Plains. The outpost produced another huge spawn of cats, this time Shadowcat Huntress’.

In the end we prevailed, thanks to powerful Rangers and a few epic chain runs.

(Pictures do not properly depict chaos)

Duck Shirts!

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The carnival has returned, and duck shirts is again the main attraction! Summer Artak is the featured shirt in this carnival (worn by Suu’ub).

Asparagus eventually won his as well. In addition, Asparagus has recently passed the 7th circle fighter test. Congratulations, Asp!

NNK, FB Hunt Sarra

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Neko No Kessha joined with Falinea’s Blade and friends for a great hunt in Sarra! The hunt was successful, and we thank FB for a grand adventure! It was fun and exciting to join FB’s crew to a venue we haven’t hunted before.

NNK had a small part in this hunt, with D'Ead, Suu'ub and Klaw. Hopefully next time we can represent and contribute with the clan leaders. Thanks to Falinea's Blade, especially Connie, K'vynn, and Ebony for hosting us. We were introduced to a fantastic Mystic in K'vynn, a superior smasher in Ebony and a solid leader in Connie. Hope to collaborate again!

Casual hunt to rain forest (Dramatic post)

Posted in Clan Hunts on March 15, 2013 by nekonokessha

There we were, sweaty and numb. The game masters crushed our fun and made us look dumb.

Brave warriors of Neko No Kessha and friends swarmed the bison plains today and ravaged the preliminary hunting grounds. When all was calm, a sudden onslaught in excess of Fifty (50) Shadowcat Huntresses swarmed the warriors and killed most instantly. What did these brave heroes do to deserve such wrath from the Gods?!

The Gods’ intention was to crush our morale, and they failed. We instantly picked ourselves out of purgatory and decided to smash some cats to relieve our frustration. We returned to a long forgotten hunting ground – the rain forest. This time we were all “Delta Team.” The brave warriors of NNK crushed every tree top we came across, ferociously slashing every beast in the way. Much fun was had by all, thank you for keeping the NNK spirit!


Recent NNK News!

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• PureHero has recently passed the 7th circle healer test!
• Elenis has been given the title of Honorary Member. He has received the additional title of Special Assistant to Hunt Leaders.
• Lister has reached 700 Atkus! Now if we could get his Histia there…
• Suu’ub III is interested in selling an Albino Maha Pelt within the clan, for the clan. He is also in need of making contact with Lightbringer. Please comment here or Sentinel PM Suu’ub.

Tabby Learns Rukness, NNK Visits Snowy

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After a long and dedicated affair in the wetlands, Tabby has finally learned to morph the Rukness! Tabatha has learned her 6th feline morph, and is now officially known as Tabby7tails, for her 6 tailed morphs (plus her own, of course). Congratulations, Tabs! your love of kitties is unequaled, and that’s why your clan kitties love you!

The regular Bison Plains hunt took a different direction to exit recently. The group went south to exit via a PF near Snowy, an area the group does not typically hunt. Before exiting, we stopped into Snowy for a peek. After a long hunt, a sn’ell is all we had in us, but the area was interesting, and dangerous.