Very Important Agratis (V.I.A)

Clan Competition (Dun'ilsar)
Event: V.I.A (Very Important Agratis)
Location: Badlands
Date: Saturday, October 24th. 11 am PST / 2 pm EST.

Event Description

The V.I.A. Dun'ilsar was originally developed by Relkin, and was hugely successful. It was the last Dun'ilsar to take place, and therefore its fitting to stage the competition again to hopefully usher in a new era of Dun'ilsar.

This is the official posting for the Neko No Kessha V.I.A. (Very Important Agratis) Dun’ilsar challenge. The event will take place next Saturday, October 24th. Registration of Agratis will start at around 11am PST, 2pm EST. The event will start soon after. Meet by the jersey vendors on Thieves Island (where the Arena and Coliseum are).

The Challenge:

Clans will each have one Agratis. They will be let loose in the Badlands, the Clan with the last Agratis standing wins.

The Rules:

Clans and their Agratis will gather at the jersey vendors on Thieves Island. Agratis will register with the judge and share him/her. Once all Agratis have been registered, Clans will enter the Badlands one by one, seperated by 20 seconds. The order that Clans enter will be decided by random drawing. The competition will start one minute after the last Clan enters. To prevent ambushing, no Clan should be on the first snell of the Badlands at the start of the competition. No fighting is allowed before the start of the challenge, and pre-contest falling for Agratis is not counted (and they should be raised before the start of the challenge).

The judge will announce when the challenge is about to start, when it has started, and as Clans lose their Agratis. Once the challenge has begun, Clans seek out and kill the competing Clans’ Agratis, while attempting to protect their own. The first fall that the Agratis takes will determine the Clan’s ranking, once the Agratis falls, she should depart to avoid confusing other Clans. A Clan can continue competing in the challenge even if their Agratis has fallen, but it will have no effect on their ranking. The competition ends when all but one Agratis has fallen.

Scoring is straightforward. The Clan whose Agratis falls first is
in last place, and the clan whose Agratis falls last comes in first; the others in between are scored accordingly. In the unlikely event of a tie, the clan who entered the badlands latest will be favored.

A list of clarifications and general rules follow:

• Shieldstones are not allowed. (To avoid a team being shieldstoned into their own Agratis.)
• To resolve rule disputes, Agratis must make a visionstone, and other Clan members are encouraged to.
• Although it isn’t recommended, an Agratis can be the only participant for a Clan.
• The Agratis must be raceless.
• The Agratis (and Clans) can use any items they would like, for example, armor, potions, or chains.
• Killing non-agratis is allowed, and expected.

• Clans may not leave the Badlands, nor enter the Badlands library.

• Kudzu is allowed, but:
• Clans should not use any OTHER item as a physical barrier. This means:
No EPS, no kegs/food items, no chaining dead monsters, etc. Also, using kudzu (or anything) to block an entrance to a snell so that it is impossible for other players to enter the snell is against the rules.
In other words, play fair, anything that makes it impossible or nearly impossible to reach your Agratis is not allowed.

•Once an Agratis is killed, the clicker for the Agratis should depart, but is free to return with her character and fight.

• If this challenge takes more than an hour, a timeout will be called and it will be moved to the Arena, more detailed rules will be given if this happens.

• If the event ends too quickly and leaves everyone salivating for more, a second round is optional.

• /booting Agratis is not allowed. Teams are encouraged to good karma bomb their Agratis to avoid this.

• There is no minimum or maximum number of members that can participate for your clan, and your Agratis clicker doesn’t necessarily need to be a clanmate.

• Accidentally killing your teams own Agratis is part of the game and counts as elimination, so be careful.

• Honorary members added to your clan for the event is not allowed. All competing members of your team must be in the clan.

To view the Sentinel discussion on the event, Click Here


Due to a lack of clan participation, smaller clans were paired together into 3 main teams: yellow, blue, and red. E’las Loth’mon Ferindril also attended for 2 rounds, represented solely by their Agratis clicker. Three rounds of the event were played, in which all 3 were won by the yellow team. The yellow teams domination was due in part to great strategy, as well as location and excellent use of all team components, even and especially the Mystic Org Du Lac. Locating by Salazar on the blue team made it impossible to hide from their dispatched mercenary Noivad, who gave the red team much trouble. The red teams troubles also included the killing of their own Agratis, and Kalian, who easily slipped through the defenders line and slayed the Agratis in the 2nd round. Near the end of 3rd round, the red team (after being eliminated) made an alliance with the still alive blue team, planning to deny the yellow team of winning all 3 rounds in the event. Unfortunately, the blue teams Agratis fell before the attack could be made. The event was judged by Shadowfire and the pirate judge Stinkfist who, to everyones surprise, judged a fair event. Players that participated, the clans they represented, and the scoring of the event is listed below.

–Yellow Team-

Players: Wormtongue, Cecil, Gremlins, Megami, Cinnamon, Cammie, Gorvin, Kani, Org Du Lac, Blackhole

Clans represented: Maximum Rankage, Sun Dragon Clan, Fenix Fire, Red Quill, Safari _______________________________________________________________________ –Blue Team-

Players: Achates, Torin, Noivad, Kalian, Trowl, Alexa, Polgara, Ackkbar, Salazar, Magnic.

Clans represented: Order of the White Elephant, Llehn ryn Rhav’tsath, TRAP, Black Phoenix. _______________________________________________________________________ –Red Team-

Players: Suu’ub III, Nyla, Killian, Tafari, Azel, Lightbringer, Moggle, Aridor, FourWinged, Leinis

Clans represented: Neko No Kessha. _______________________________________________________________________

Dun’ilsar Scoreboard (1 event)

(Place) (Score)
|1|———(3) Sun Dragon Clan
|1|———(3) Maximum Rankage
|1|———(3) Red Quill
|1|———(3) Fenix Fire
|1|———(3) Safari
|2|———(2) Order of the White Elephant
|2|———(2) Llehn ryn Rav’tsath
|2|———(2) TRAP
|2|———(2) Black Phoenix
|3|———(1) E’las Loth’mon Ferindril
|3|———(1) Neko No Kessha

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