Coin Collector

Clan Competition (Dun’ilsar)
Event: Coin Collector
Location: West Town
Date: Saturday, November 14th. 1 pm PST / 4 pm EST.

The Challenge:

Clans will disperse into the lands, attempting to collect as many coins as possible within the alotted time.

The Rules:

Clans will gather at the west town shoreline near the Brightfur’s. Each clan will designate 1 player in their group to be their skinner (obviously the one with the most Skea training). The time set for the coin challenge will be 1 hour OOC time. One by one, the skinners representing each clan will sign up at Skorr Brightfur. Promptly after the last skinner has signed in, Skorr will yell “GO!”, at which time the groups will disperse into the lands and begin collecting furs. During the event, the skinner of the group will receive time cues from Skorr, similar to those received during the beast challenges. Once your skinner has been notified of the end of the event by Skorr’s cue, no further furs collected will be counted, and your group should return to west town as quickly as possible. Once all groups have returned to west town, the skinners will reveal what they have collected at Skorr. The group with the most coins collected from furs will be announced the winner.


• Skorr Brightfur only counts coins collected by furs, and not by any other means, such as mandibles, chests, blood, bounties or any other method.

• After the hour has ended, groups should keep their return to town within 10 minutes, as to not keep others waiting. The skinners should not talk to Skorr until all groups have arrived.

• All other group members besides the skinner should turn their skinning off for the duration of the event by entering: /options skinning off.

• A groups final tally of coins collected by their skinner is determined by the total value of furs skinned, not what the skinner has earned individually after the group split.

• A groups skinner does not have to be a member of their clan. (Any skinners willing to assist please make availability known here

As in the V.I.A Dun’ilsar,
• One player can solely represent their clan.
• There is no maximum or minimum amount of players that can compete for a clan
• Players are not allowed to join a team after the event has begun.
• If there is low clan participation, teams will be formed.

Time Cues:

Phrase Time Left
You feel a sense of urgency: 39 minutes
Your task is nearly at an end: 16 minutes
Not much time left: 4 minutes
Only a few more seconds: 1 minute


• First place: 3 points.
• Second place: 2 points.
• Third place and all below: 1 point.

• An extra point will be given to the team with the highest fur skinned, as determined by Skorr Brightfur.

To view the Sentinel discussion on the event, Click Here


A total of 33 players representing 7 clans showed up to fly their flags and participate in the Coin Collector Dun’ilsar. Some clans were paired, to create 5 main teams. These 5 teams cleared the lands of all its treasure to collect an astounding combined total of 21,794 coins! Llehn ryn Rhav’tsath was the unchallenged victor with their dominating total of 8,802 coins collected, a whole 4,662 coins above the 2nd place challenger!

From the start, all teams turned toward the boat vendors, clogging the docks. It appeared that the main strategy for the majority was to head towards the coin haven that is Kizmia’s Island. As Neko No Kessha learned early on, KI is not a limitless supply of wealth. The coins on the island soon dried up for most teams, leaving them to spread out to other locations in search of wealth. From the results, it seemed only Llehn ryn Rhav’tsath was successful in maintaining a steady income throughout the 1 hour event. Fallen comrades and group rescues plagued some teams, hindering their total coin collection. All in all, it turned out to be a great event, and every participant left a little bit richer.


(1st) Llehn ryn Rhav’tsath — 8,802 coins, 65c highest fur.
(2nd) Neko No Kessha       — 4,140 coins, 82c highest fur.
(3rd) DM/LA/Black Rose     — 3,381 coins, 56c highest fur.
(4th) OWE/SDC                 — 2,752 coins, 54c highest fur.
(5th) Red Quill                   — 2,719 coins, *88c highest fur.

* RQ won the highest fur challenge for extra point *


–Llehn ryn Rhav’tsath–

Daimoth, Desdemona, Kerrah, Kalian

Skinner: Kalian

–Neko No Kessha–

Suu’ub III, Killian, Leinis, FourWinged, Nyla, Pendarric

Skinner: Pendarric

–Dwarven Militia, Laughing Academy, The Order of The Black Rose–

Connie Crete, Hoggle, Downyfoot, Mehan, Kyloter, Lofar, Miratisu, Lightfrost, Sonndyh.

Skinner: Connie Crete

–Order of the White Elephant, Sun Dragon Clan–

Natas, Shiner, Talin, Moon Kitty, Balbo, Tafari, Koraleva, Noivad, Habbakuk Lal.

Skinner: Habbakuk Lal

–Red Quill–

Kani, Gunslinger, Garr, Attila, Beesfields

Skinner: Beesfields

Dun’ilsar Scoreboard (2 events)

(Place) (Score)
|1|———(5) Llehn ryn Rhav’tsath
|1|———(5) Red Quill
|2|———(4) Sun Dragon Clan
|3|———(3) Neko No Kessha
|3|———(3) Order of the White Elephant
|3|———(3) Maximum Rankage
|3|———(3) Safari
|3|———(3) Fenix Fire
|4|———(2) TRAP
|4|———(2) Black Phoenix
|5|———(1) E’las Loth’mon Ferindril
|5|———(1) The Order of The Black Rose
|5|———(1) Dwarven Militia
|5|———(1) The Laughing Academy

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