Click on either Coin Collector or V.I.A Dun’ilsar on the right side of this page to view results from either event.

The next Dun’ilsar challenge will be posted on this page soon.

Current Dun’ilsar Standings (2 events)

(Place) (Score)
|1|———(5) Llehn ryn Rhav’tsath
|1|———(5) Red Quill
|2|———(4) Sun Dragon Clan
|3|———(3) Neko No Kessha
|3|———(3) Order of the White Elephant
|3|———(3) Maximum Rankage
|3|———(3) Safari
|3|———(3) Fenix Fire
|4|———(2) TRAP
|4|———(2) Black Phoenix
|5|———(1) E’las Loth’mon Ferindril
|5|———(1) The Order of The Black Rose
|5|———(1) Dwarven Militia
|5|———(1) The Laughing Academy


3 Responses to “Dun’ilsar”

  1. […] No Kessha has a full report on their blog. Tags: agratis, dunilsar, elas lothmon ferindril, lundar, neko no kessha, via New […]

  2. Just wanted to say the event was super fun and im glad i was around to participate!! Keep the good event ideas coming!

  3. On the Facebook Clan Lord group their win was posted.

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