Clan Roster

Welcome to the new clan roster!

[CM] Gunnery Sergeant Megan
[CM] Tabatha
[H6] Fafnir
[R6] Kinon
[R8] Nyla
[R7] TreeBeard
[R7] Asparagus
[H6] Rubix
[R8] Lightbringer
[C6] Aryton
[R8] Killian
[R8] Relkin
[C7] FourWinged
[R5] Bladebringer
[H7] Ugo Fuxfell
[R8] Leinis
[R7] Wrath
[H7] Gold Moon
[R5] Athl
[F5] Cat’Killer
[R8] Moggle
[R7] Slayer
[R7] Seld’kar
[H6] Sauron
[R3] AkaOrka
[R6] Zorglub
[R5] Aye’cha
[H7] Usagi
[F5] Mortag
[H6] Malakar
[R6] Matt

Clan Leaders
[CL] Suu’ub III
[CL] Lister
[CL] D’Ead

Clan Managers
[CM] Gunnery Sergeant Megan
[CM] Tabatha

Prospective Members
[R7] Eli
[R6] Stonehand

Honorary Members
[R7] General Turalyon
[R6] Captain Zorglub
[H6] Special Agent Sloppy Joe
[R7] Elenis Reyav (Special Assistant to Hunt Leaders)
[R7] Darkmos
[F7] Amberdrake
[H7] Kisa
[H7] Jade
[R5] Koraleva
[JM] Lovs’ya
[F5] Downyfoot


Honorary Members

Honorary Members are considered members of the clan without officially wearing our symbol.  New HM’s are presented with an honorary NNK shirt to represent with the clan as they please. They are presented with an open-invite to any NNK hunt or event. In addition, HM’s receive NNK’s armor repair benefits as well as full-clan participation in aid of quests, studies, adventure or any other assistance requested (when scheduled in advance). Anyone interested in Honorary Memebership, contact a Clan Manager. 

Rating Index

The order in which clan members are listed relates to their standing in the clan. The majority of a member’s rating is seniority, or time served in the clan. Clan fund donations and hunt attendance are also large contributors. Reaching the top provides nothing significant other than bragging rights and a title (or a brownie, or gold star).

7 Responses to “Clan Roster”

  1. The Fuxfells Says:

    Ugo made 6th Circle today – without armor, woot!

  2. Asparagus Says:


  3. […] Our clan roster has received a renovation! The disco colors are gone, and a new system to reward clan members for effort and dedication is in place. Let us know what you think of the new roster! […]

  4. Think you have faf and moggle mixed up, faf listed as ranger 7 and mogg as healer 6! =)

  5. FourWinged Says:

    FourWinged reached 7th circle!

  6. Ugo Fuxfell Says:

    Ugo made 7th Circle on last Monday (3th December) 🙂

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