About Neko No Kessha

With a total of thirty-two active members and ten honorary members, Neko No Kessha is among the largest active clans of Puddleby. The cat clan has had many revivals over the years, but after its success in the recent Dun’ilsar competitions, Neko No Kessha is entering a golden age. Members have recently adopted red and black colors to represent their clan. Any Fens interested in joining the ranks of Neko No Kessha should contact any member in the lands. ROAR™!!!

One Response to “About Neko No Kessha”

  1. Hello,
    I suggest that we place the clan under the patronage of Stendhal who wrote the very famous novel “The red and the black”. Thus we can shout in a random macro those aphorisms (à la Laughing Academy) from http://aphorisms1.blogspot.com/2009/03/red-and-black-stendhal-signet-classic.html

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