• Aye’Cha got a Haremau morph, congrats!
  • Ravenstorm has been talking about reviving the NNK clan hunts 1-2 days per week.




3 Responses to “Stuff”

  1. It’s not Haffron, its chaCha! I typically play when Haffron plays, and I have my own alts. Haffron did play my characters while I was away, but Its been me since v1k party started in January. Chacha, Swann, Ayelwen, Ayelet, Ayesha, Pandora.. are all me. I’ve removed my characters from Haffrons “ClanExp” clan and will be forming my own for my alts. So yea, its not Haffron so can you update the post please? o.o

  2. Ravenstorm Says:

    NNK Sunday 8pm est gathering and leaving shortly after

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