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Player Profile: D’Ead

Posted in Uncategorized on September 12, 2014 by nekonokessha

Player: D’Ead
Resides in: ??

Aside from Fen’Neko, which race do you admire the most?
A: Ghorak’Zo, They hit stuff well right off the boat.

Which inactive exile do you miss the most?
A: Aye’Cha. Love the Nekko song 😀

Who’s your favorite GM?
A: YappyGM. Yappy spawns good stuff on people.

What’s your favorite area in Clan Lord?
A: Ash island, it’s got the best story.

If you could morph into any creature, what would it be?
A: Utsanna Haremau

Name 5 Fighters that you enjoy hunting with the most.
A: Lister, Treebeard, Zelkhorn, Olaf, and Bastion

Name 5 healers that you enjoy hunting with the most.
A: Are there even 5 active healers? :P. Suu’ub, Fafnir, Xenos, Kisa, Lorikeet

What suggestion do you have that would most improve Clan Lord?
A: Better newb rank acceleration

What is your favorite uniform? Shirt/pants?
A: I’d have to say the Black Phoenix one, purple and black 😀