Player Profile: Killian

Lister plans to interview a member of NNK, with fun questions, at least once a month and post it to this blog to fill in downtime between major news posts. The last news post to this blog was in January, yea, epic, thanks Suu’ub. This column will be called “Player Profiles”, I hope you enjoy it, and plan on being interviewed soon! My first Interviewee is none other than our beloved Killian!

Player Profile:
Killian, Ranger, Resides in North Carolina, USA

Q: Aside from Fen’Neko, which race do you admire the most?
A: “Dwarf, They love to Drink. Plus I had some really good friends back in the day that were drawf.” (Killian asked me to include the slurred speech….)

Q: Which inactive exile do you miss the most?
A: “Whitewolf”

Q: Who’s your favorite GM?
A: “Eldon”

Q: What’s your favorite area in Clan Lord?
A: “Metz!”

Q: If you could morph into any creature, what would it be?
A: “starstag, because they remind me of xmas”

Q: Name 3 Fighters that you enjoy hunting with the most. (Doesn’t have to be NNK fighters)
A: “ooo Easy. but don’t hat me. NNK i love. So it has to be Dead Lister zorg. But really NNK is my Love”

Q: Name 3 healers that you enjoy hunting with the most. (Doesn’t have to be NNK healers)
A: “Fafnir, Xenos, Suu’ub”

Q: If you could choose any other profession or subclass, what would it be?
A: “bloodmage”

If anyone has any feedback to improve the column, please leave a comment here or message Lister. Hope to see you all soon!

4 Responses to “Player Profile: Killian”

  1. BigJimmD Says:

    Favorite healer/fighter should not include any NNK. ZZZZZ answers if you don’t make them choose non-NNK

    • Thank you for the suggestion BigJimmD! On the next set of questions I’ll ask for favorite 5 healers/fighters. This should open it up a little to include non-NNKers in answers.

    • Killian Says:

      I understand why you say this but I would not be in NNK if I didn’t love NNK. WE clan with a great group of exiles (non NNK and NNK). I love hunting with a ton of you. However NNK is where my heart is. How else should I reply when honesty is my goal?

  2. BigJimm! Who are your favorite healers and fighters? Please let us know, and they can’t be people you hunt with regularly. Just kidding, but seriously. Stora is it, thanks for participating. – Suu’ub

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