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Not Much News!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 28, 2014 by nekonokessha

As the headline states, there isn’t much new NNK news to report. We’re still here and doing our thing. Clan hunts have been as regular and awesome as ever, held nightly at 8pm EST. All are welcome to join!

All great clans, hunting parties and quest/adventure groups experience downtimes now and then, and although NNK has been slow and experiencing difficulties, our core remains dedicated to rebuilding. Any dedicated clanners interested in joining the rebuild of the greatest clan in the lands are welcome to apply. Applying is easy and fun, just a few good showings on clan hunts with a will to contribute to making the clan better can earn you a badge. Please notify Suu’ub III (President), Lister (VP) or D’Ead (General Manager) to sign up. We take care of all your needs at NNK and hope to build a solid class.