NNK, FB Hunt Sarra

Neko No Kessha joined with Falinea’s Blade and friends for a great hunt in Sarra! The hunt was successful, and we thank FB for a grand adventure! It was fun and exciting to join FB’s crew to a venue we haven’t hunted before.

NNK had a small part in this hunt, with D'Ead, Suu'ub and Klaw. Hopefully next time we can represent and contribute with the clan leaders. Thanks to Falinea's Blade, especially Connie, K'vynn, and Ebony for hosting us. We were introduced to a fantastic Mystic in K'vynn, a superior smasher in Ebony and a solid leader in Connie. Hope to collaborate again!

One Response to “NNK, FB Hunt Sarra”

  1. erm, ya totally missed tha point. Kyvnn be useless. Ya oughta have a REAL mystic along, notta doorstop.

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