Recent NNK News!

• PureHero has recently passed the 7th circle healer test!
• Elenis has been given the title of Honorary Member. He has received the additional title of Special Assistant to Hunt Leaders.
• Lister has reached 700 Atkus! Now if we could get his Histia there…
• Suu’ub III is interested in selling an Albino Maha Pelt within the clan, for the clan. He is also in need of making contact with Lightbringer. Please comment here or Sentinel PM Suu’ub.

2 Responses to “Recent NNK News!”

  1. Thalodil Says:

    Woo Nice Pureo! – Elenis, good job and congrats! – Lister Great Job!

  2. Congrats everyone! 🙂

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