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Tabby Learns Rukness, NNK Visits Snowy

Posted in Uncategorized on February 13, 2013 by nekonokessha

After a long and dedicated affair in the wetlands, Tabby has finally learned to morph the Rukness! Tabatha has learned her 6th feline morph, and is now officially known as Tabby7tails, for her 6 tailed morphs (plus her own, of course). Congratulations, Tabs! your love of kitties is unequaled, and that’s why your clan kitties love you!

The regular Bison Plains hunt took a different direction to exit recently. The group went south to exit via a PF near Snowy, an area the group does not typically hunt. Before exiting, we stopped into Snowy for a peek. After a long hunt, a sn’ell is all we had in us, but the area was interesting, and dangerous.