Bawkmas Bonanza Part II!

Neko No Kessha plans to repeat the Bawkmas Bonanza this year! Last year, NNK dropped 20,000 coins in town in piles of random denominations. It was a terrific free-for-all frenzy, and we’d like to spray our money over town again!

Due to many of our core clan members leaving for the holiday, we will plan to hold the event after Bawkmas, perhaps the 27th of December. The time will be 8:00 PM EST, right before our daily clan hunt. Hope to see many people present to take our coppers!

One Response to “Bawkmas Bonanza Part II!”

  1. chckyurplse Says:

    Can’t believe I missed that! Hehe just looking through to see what I missed.

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