Suu’ub’s Thoughts On Updates & A Friend

I’m always happy to see new area updates, even if it’s always Estuary. It has been expanded regularly for… a long time. Please, next ambitious improvement spell, give us another area improved upon. As long as Rangers have new studies and morphs, we have a game. That being said, thanks for the time and effort GMs, wherever you put it!

A good friend of mine, Sal, has recently confided in me that he is Salvador and Aldor, retired characters from years ago. After many years, he has forgotten his passwords, as we all have at times. He has pleaded to our GMs without response. In the meantime, he has created Sal and Ald, kin of his original characters, and he’s happy to start again. However, I feel that he should have his characters. He doesn’t know his account password or character passwords, but this is him, and I plead to someone in charge to give him what he forgot.

Update: Our gracious gods have reinstated Aldor and Salvador! He is delighted and so are we, thanks!

One Response to “Suu’ub’s Thoughts On Updates & A Friend”

  1. You may have him email EldonGM at gmail dot com. He helped me very quickly with a similar situation. Glad to know he is back! 🙂

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