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Shadowcat, Stag Makeover!

Posted in Clan Hunts on July 26, 2012 by nekonokessha

Following the recent update, NNK ventured to the Estuary in search of additions to the area. To our delight, and to Tabatha’s serious delight, the Shadowcat and Stag have evolved their appearances. The Shadowcat is now a charcoal color, similar to our town’s pet Coalcat. The Stag, previously resembling a Snowbuck, is now an orange-red.

Unfortunately we were only able to search a few sn’ells deep. The hunt was unsuccessful in locating a passage that had appeared last update, which was a promising lead to an extension of the area.

Returning Friends & Clanmates

Posted in Uncategorized on July 25, 2012 by nekonokessha

Recently, our clan hunts have been bolstered by the return of many old friends and clanmates. Rubix, Koraleva, Special Agent Sloppy Joe, Megan and Tafari are some of the new-old faces.

We are delighted to have them when they around, and miss them sorely when they are not. One love!

Pure Hero

Posted in Clan Hunts on July 13, 2012 by nekonokessha

Fun rapidly turned to tragedy during the latest NNK hunt visit to BEARTOWN! Smoky Bears are a vicious breed of bear that hook you and cook you, while you watch helplessly, unable to respond. Many of the clan’s core fell victim to a nasty spawn of Smoky’s. All but one, our hero…

PureHero was the last man standing, deep in the bear cave with no exit near. The fallen were yelling plans for the makeup hunt to follow our imminent depart. Nobody expected that a lone healer chased from the chaos into another unsafe snell could resurrect the hunt. After a few tense minutes of waiting for his fallen message, we instead saw fallen clanmates rising.

However he did it, Pure was surely the hero, and we commend him for saving the hunt!