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Tabatha Morphs Haremau!

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Congratulations to Tabatha, the latest clanmate to successfully morph the Haremau! Tabatha is now officially known as Tabby5tails, for her 5 tailed forms. She is the 3rd NNK to learn the morph, following D’Ead who recently achieved it as well. Well done, Tab5tail!

A Ponycorn Wedding

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Neko No Kessha would like to congratulate George II and Jane, Ponycorn’s handled by Coldy and Athl. They were recently married in a ceremony held in the meadow. Congratulations, and have fun on your Ponymoon!

NNK Welcomes Rubix To The Clan!

Posted in Clan Events on April 17, 2012 by nekonokessha

NNK is proud to announce the induction of Rubix! His healing skills and regular attendance have been a great benefit to the nightly clan hunts. A man of few words, his calm, quiet demeanor makes him easy to get along with. Words are not needed to understand that he is dedicated to the clan, and we’re delighted to finally have him representing our pride. Welcome Rubix, glad to have you!

News, Announcements & Acknowledgements

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• Hunter and Linnezza have claimed the 1st and 2nd place prizes from the NNK raffle. 3rd place prize held for Biro. Please contact a clan representative to claim.

Neko No Kessha would like to congratulate the following clan members on their recent accomplishments:

• D’Ead has learned to morph the Haremau!
• Tabatha has qualified to study the Haremau morph, and is well on her way to success!
• Neko No Kessha has recently honored Rubix with the title of Honorary Member. He has also signed on as a prospective full member, and is well on his way to acceptance.

A recent Neko No Kessha hunt to Metz stumbled upon a mammoth beast known as the Mantuan. Despite D’Ead’s bad luck being trampled when it appeared, the clan successfully vanquished the giant.

Raffle Winners Announced

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Congratulations to Hunter, Linnezza and Biro, winners of the Neko No Kessha raffle!

1st place: Hunter
2nd place: Linnezza
3rd place: Biro

Hunter receives first selection of the 3 prizes, followed by Linnezza and Biro. Prizes will be held, however selections must be made in order, therefore the sooner the better so all can receive in decent time.

Contact a clan representative to claim (Suu’ub III, Lister, Ravenstorm, Megan, D’Ead, Tabatha).

Thanks to all that participated!