Clan Hunt Proud To Succeed, Despite Missing Pieces

The success of the Saturday night clan hunt was in question, without Lister, Ravenstorm or any other top level NNK fighter to lead. Unable to hire a brick, the hunt proceeded with uncertainty to Deathroots. Much to our surprise, we had underestimated the capabilities of our crew, and cleared Deathroots with relative ease.

The hunt went on to clear most of Rainforest, including the infamous “death tree” which has plagued previous hunts. After exiting at the 2nd tree, the hunt moved on to Ash to clear the mausoleum, followed by a return to Deathroots to cap off the night. All went smoothly, and the hunts were profitable for all.

Hunts like these are a true testament to Neko No Kessha’s growing strength and ability. Much credit is due to our Clan Manager’s Megan, D’Ead, and Tabatha for creating the solid core which makes these hunts possible when our Clan Leader’s aren’t able to attend. Megan has stepped up to leading hunts when required, and her contributions on and off the hunt are a tremendous asset to the clan. Neko No Kessha is very lucky to have such a dedicated team. Well played, and keep up the good work!

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