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Posted in Uncategorized on February 25, 2012 by nekonokessha

Neko No Kessha would like to congratulate the following clan members on their recent accomplishments:

• Megan has successfully learned to befriend the Haremau.
• D’Ead has successfully learned to befriend the Haremau, and has started to learn the Haremau morph.
• Kinon has successfully learned to morph the Haremau Kitten. Kinon has also passed the sixth-circle Fighter test!

Well done mates!


Join The Revolution! Fix The Crypt!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 22, 2012 by nekonokessha

Spearheaded by Natas and Talin, a movement to fix the Crypt is gaining support from the people. Puddlebeans are declaring their allegiance to the revolution with “fix the crypt!” tattoos.

The restrictions and requirements for Crypt hunting are far too time consuming. The people request it be open 24/7, and the temple charging requirement be removed. Our hunting options are limited enough. Restricting a quality hunting ground so heavily that it becomes impractical to hunt without a full day of preparation is a silly concept.

Join the Crypt discussion on the Sentinel.

Doesn’t it look like scary-good-fun?

Neko No Kessha Welcomes TreeBeard!

Posted in Clan Events on February 21, 2012 by nekonokessha

Neko No Kessha is proud to welcome the return of TreeBeard!

Formerly an NNK member from a different era, TreeBeard had maintained his allegiance over the years. His return to the clan was well received, with a well-represented induction ceremony.

Clan Hunt Proud To Succeed, Despite Missing Pieces

Posted in Clan Hunts on February 20, 2012 by nekonokessha

The success of the Saturday night clan hunt was in question, without Lister, Ravenstorm or any other top level NNK fighter to lead. Unable to hire a brick, the hunt proceeded with uncertainty to Deathroots. Much to our surprise, we had underestimated the capabilities of our crew, and cleared Deathroots with relative ease.

The hunt went on to clear most of Rainforest, including the infamous “death tree” which has plagued previous hunts. After exiting at the 2nd tree, the hunt moved on to Ash to clear the mausoleum, followed by a return to Deathroots to cap off the night. All went smoothly, and the hunts were profitable for all.

Hunts like these are a true testament to Neko No Kessha’s growing strength and ability. Much credit is due to our Clan Manager’s Megan, D’Ead, and Tabatha for creating the solid core which makes these hunts possible when our Clan Leader’s aren’t able to attend. Megan has stepped up to leading hunts when required, and her contributions on and off the hunt are a tremendous asset to the clan. Neko No Kessha is very lucky to have such a dedicated team. Well played, and keep up the good work!

Killian Makes An Appearance!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 15, 2012 by nekonokessha

The clan was was ecstatic to see our beloved clanmate Killian emerge from the library! After some mushy love in town, Killian joined the clan hunt on a trip to Metz. With no other NNK brick present, Killian proved to be an asset as the lead fighter.

Great to see you again, old friend! Come back and visit us again real soon. We’ll have the clan cage prepared to capture you so you can never leave us again…

Lister’s Super Tough Vine Rope, By Kisa

Posted in Uncategorized on February 8, 2012 by nekonokessha

Neko No Kessha has been fortunate to have Kisa regularly attending our nightly hunts. In addition to being a capable Healer, Kisa is also a skilled artist.

Thanks to Kisa for creating this humorous comic depicting Lister and Suu’ub III in a failed vine gap jump. We’re honored, and we love it!

NNK Renews Membership To An Old Friend

Posted in Clan Events on February 3, 2012 by nekonokessha

Neko No Kessha is delighted to announce that Tafari has rejoined the clan!

Tafari had served many good years in the clan, and had been a valued member. We’re confident that his pride has been maintained over the years, and he will again be an asset to the clan. We are delighted to have him back in uniform representing the red and black!