NNK News!

Neko No Kessha goes green for Bawkmas:
Remembering last year’s green pants as an undesirable Bawkmas uniform, the clan decided to go with green hair and green shoes this year. It is decidedly more awesome, and is now standard uniform until January 1st. Thank you all for participating!

Megan donates pelt for new raffle:
Nearing dangerously close to the 1 week deadline for claiming raffle winnings, Megan appeared from the library and was notified of her victory. However, following notification, Megan graciously decided to re-raffle her Albino Maha pelt. After taking a few new entries, the pelt was raffled before the clan hunt Sunday night. The dice favored #8, the ticket held by Demonia! Congratulations to Demonia, and a clan salute to Megan for her selfless gesture.

“Megan bleeds red and black.”Lister

Clan effort elevates PureHero’s karma to impressive level:
After noticing PureHero had accumulated a cartload of good karma, the clan made an effort to raise his level one higher. With “team karma” being the best at what they do, success came shortly after, and PureHero proudly wore a boatload of good karma!

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