Savannah Winterland, Clan Hunts Kizmia

A small detachment including Suu’ub III, Revlis, Exinferis, and Chopper explored a new wintery clearing outside the east Savannah mine. Perhaps a seasonal opening, this area provides good hunting for mid-level fighters. The beast variety includes: Solstimanders, Snowcats, Frostbite Meshra, Avalanche Meshra, and numerous other critters typically found in snowy areas. On our expedition, we discovered 2 large areas and 2 confined caves, but are unsure whether it extends further.

Neko No Kessha clan hunt raids KI!
Eager for a change of scenery, the clan hunt set out to raid KI Thursday night. Our mid-level Rangers had a blast, and earned a considerable amount of experience. Three of which also received quest experience for successfully exiting the island. Perhaps this hunt might not be the only one of it’s kind!

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