AkaOrka Enrolls, New Members Acknowledged

Neko No Kessha has introduced another quality member to the pride! On November 29th, 2011, the clan was out in force to welcome AkaOrka to the clan! AkaOrka had occassionally attended clan hunts, until approached about possible enrollment. After signing on as a prospect, his attendance increased, and his commitment was clear. The clan became acquainted with AkaOrka during his month-long participation, and his quiet, yet dedicated demeanor was worthy of membership. Following his induction, AkaOrka continued to prove himself, on clan hunts, and by donating 16,000 coins to our clan fund. We appreciate your contributions, and welcome to the pride!

Enrollment in Neko No Kessha has picked up in the last 2 months. We have been fortunate to meet, and induct, 4 quality members that have proven their value to the clan on a daily basis. Athl, Kinon, PureHero, and AkaOrka have brought new life and excitement, and are all key acquisitions to keeping NNK moving forward with a positive attitude. Athl and AkaOrka, although young, exceed expectations with their efforts. Kinon is a valued producer, and labelled by Lister as one of the best clickers in the lands. PureHero’s strong and capable healing has come at a much needed time. Thank you to all our new members, and we hope you enjoy your time with Neko No Kessha!

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