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The King Of All Clan Raffles!

Posted in Clan Events on November 29, 2011 by nekonokessha

Lister has finally agreed to Suu’ub III’s challenge! In exchange for Suu’ub III placing one of his precious Albino Maha Pelts up for clan raffle, Lister will place one of his prized hoarded possessions, a lyfelidae claw, up to raffle. We hope our beloved items are enjoyed by the winning clanmates. Good luck to you all!

Rules And Regulations

• 2,000 coin entry for Lyfelide Claw raffle. Additional 2,000c entry fee for Albino Maha Pelt. All proceeds donated to clan fund.
• All Neko No Kessha clan members and Honorary Members are eligible to participate. Must be present to enter.
• One entry per raffle, per clanmate. Suu’ub III receives entries.
• Winners will be decided by dice roll 2 weeks from today on Sunday, December 4th.

Lyfelidae Claw Raffle Entries

(#1) Lister
(#2) Megan
(#3) AkaOrka
(#4) Tabatha
(#5) Athl
(#6) Nyla
(#7) Ravenstorm
(#8) Fafnir
(#9) Kinon

Albino Maha Raffle Entries

(#1) PureHero
(#2) D’Ead
(#3) AkaOrka
(#4) Tabatha
(#5) Athl
(#6) Nyla
(#7) Ravenstorm
(#8) Demonia
(#9) Lapis


Posted in Uncategorized on November 22, 2011 by nekonokessha

Congratulations to Tabatha in her latest accomplishment – Delta Toad morph! This green toad native to the Southern Delta has amazing health, as well as other beneficial statistics that will serve Tabatha well.

The Tabatoad has a taste for blood…

Pure Of The People, Of The Pride

Posted in Uncategorized on November 13, 2011 by nekonokessha

At last our good friend PureHero has joined the People, and our pride! The clan was delighted to learn Pure had revealed a tail after a decade disguised by a cloak. Despite recent worthy additions to the roster, a quality healer has eluded us. Aside from his valuable healing contributions to the clan, he is also fully trained in Trillbane, which makes him the second full pathfinder of the clan, next to Asparagus. The Pure family has been a respectable staple of Puddleby for many years, and we look forward to having him with us for many more to come!

Casual Camo Week

Posted in Clan Events on November 6, 2011 by nekonokessha

Prepare to be outfitted in fighting fatigues! Beginning Monday, November 7th, and ending Friday, November 11th, Neko No Kessha will honor Veteran’s Day with a temporary uniform change.

The NNK red uniform shirt will be replaced by the Evergreen shirt. The Evergreen is a unique shirt which was once sold by Grefo. The clan purchased a handful of these shirts, and will be lending them to active clan members for the week. Any “camo” shirt is acceptable, so feel free to wear your own. Otherwise, contact Suu’ub III to receive your uniform.

Due to a limited supply, Honorary Members may have to obtain their own. Participation is optional, so don’t spend your savings for a camo shirt for a week.

Here is a pretty nice “camo” shirt. It’s made with a muddy yellow shirt and 3 lilaberry dyes. If you prefer a less neon green, 2 lilaberry dyes is also a fine looking shirt.

Thanks for participating!