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NNK Proudly Introduces Kinon!

Posted in Clan Events on September 15, 2011 by nekonokessha

Neko No Kessha has inducted Kinon into the pride! All were impressed by Kinon during his time hunting with the clan. Kinon had been an Honorary Member for quite some time, with excellent hunt attendance. He is a quiet but capable Ranger with a good attitude, which has jived well with the clanmates. Kinon has also been a regular contributor to the clan berry stock, which we proudly used to upgrade his red shirt. Glad to have you, Kinon!

Unfortunately, a handful of our core members were unable to attend the induction. However, the following night the clan was out in force to formally welcome Kinon with his first clan hunt as an official member!

A few days later… Kinon passes the Fifth-Circle Fighter Test! Congratulations, you’re on a roll!

Turbo Thoomâ„¢ Triumphant!

Posted in Uncategorized on September 12, 2011 by nekonokessha

Lister’s healing brother Nemesis, also known as Turbo Thoomâ„¢, has finally reached the top level by passing the eighth-circle healer test!

Nemesis has joined a small group of Healers on top of the testing, being only the 6th Healer to pass the eighth-circle healer test. Faustus for the win!

Turalyon Wins the Draw In The Clan Raffle!

Posted in Uncategorized on September 7, 2011 by nekonokessha

The dice roll has favored Turalyon! The number 8 was rolled to decide the raffle winner, which was represented by our Honorary General Turalyon. The clan was pleased with the outcome, having previously heard Turalyon mention his desire for the gland. With 10,000 coins raised, this weeks clan raffle was another success. Thanks to Ravenstorm for donating the gland, as well as to all participants. Congratulations, General!

Suu’ub III’s Thoughts On Maeght’s Slander

Posted in Uncategorized on September 1, 2011 by nekonokessha

First, I’ll briefly explain the event that led to Maeght blasting Neko No Kessha on Sentinel:

The clan hunt was heading towards the Nexus Cave for a Glen hunt, after exiting Rainforest, when Cirnahl sunstoned that Ortlinde needed help in the Marsh, fallen to a Jade. Being nearby, I offered our clan’s help in rescuing her. Before making the announcement, I asked publicly if anyone was helping Ortlinde. There was no response, so our crew went to grab her. After we arrived, Maeght sunstoned that he was chaining Ortlinde. After his sunstone, an Honorary NNK replied “NNK hunt back to Nexus Cave… Thanks for wasting our time, Maeght”. I chimed in to agree with a “Yep”. Ravenstorm, being the always-friendly lovebug, sunstoned “Thanks for getting her”. That was that, we went on to hunt the Glen.

Upon our arrival in town after the hunt, clan members were informed that Maeght had posted a thread on the Sentinel, badmouthing Neko No Kessha and its affiliates. The post is under Flame Wars in the Badlands, but if you don’t want to waste your time, here is an excerpt:

“So a big Fuck You to the asswipes in NNK that gave me grief about not sunstoning that I’m on the way. If I can handle the rescue, I sunstone that I am doing so. If I can’t, or I think my chances of getting to or even finding the fallen are poor, I don’t say anything until I have better information.”

After the clan was notified about the post, we checked it out, and were offended. Seemingly on cue, Maeght logged on and strolled into town. A lengthy confrontation ensued, and all clan members present became involved. Maeght received a thimbleful of bad karma. I gave him one, and I assume the other clan mates did the same, but no “bombing” was suggested or ever done.

Now here’s what I think…

First of all, have the common decency to sunstone that you are handling the situation, or that you’re attempting to. I believe that is an unwritten rule of Clan Lord. I’ve witnessed many upset people in my time arguing over sunstone about similar situations. Expect someone to be displeased when you waste their time. Definitely expect some kind of negative response when the time you wasted was that of an entire hunting group.

I’m not sure how others perceive the relationship of Sentinel and Clan Lord, but I hold people accountable for what they say on Sentinel, while in-game. The forum is run and reviewed by players, therefore it is an extension OF Clan Lord. The Sentinel is not a secret journal. I can only assume that the purpose of the post was to create drama with NNK for his entertainment, on another lonely night…

To be blunt, this whole episode really pissed me off, and it was entirely unnecessary and unprovoked. You know you’re an ass when you piss off Ravenstorm (seriously, I’ve never seen him so worked up). Maeght is a disease that needs to be treated or quarantined. I hope that those in charge notice this soon.

Apologies to the townsfolk present during the hatefest.