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Gland Raffle, Circle Test And Clan Hunt Success!

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Ravenstorm has donated a Caustic Gland to be placed up for clan raffle!

For those not aware of the purpose of the Caustic Gland, it is an item dropped by the “boss” in the new addition of the Estuary undermarsh. The Caustic Gland is combined with a tangleberry and 1,500c and sold to a vendor, also located in the undermarsh. In return, you receive a random selection of unique pants. For example, one of these pairs of pants resembles the Thundercloud shirt, from the last carnival, and is very desirable!

The rules and regulations of this raffle will be the same as the previous:

Raffle Rules
• The raffle is open to all clan members and honorary members of Neko No Kessha. No outside entries accepted.
• Raffle entry is a one-time fee of 1,000 coins. All proceeds are donated to the clan fund. Entries are received by Suu’ub III.
• Raffle winner will be decided by random dice roll on Saturday, August 3rd.

Participants (As of 8/26)
(#1) Suu’ub III
(#2) Tabatha
(#3) Other
(#4) D’Ead
(#5) Asparagus
(#6) Kinon
(#7) Lister
(#8) Turalyon
(#9) Mossy
(#10) Megan

                                  Progress On The Clan Hunt Front!

Exciting news to report from the front lines of Neko No Kessha’s clan hunt. Ash city has been conquered in its entirety! Along with Rainforest, Glen, and Estuary, Ash city has become one of the clan’s routine stomping grounds. However, the hunt typically clears the surface, and avoids the Temple. This night, the Temple was conquered without incident! The clan exited through the underground tunnel, and continued on to do a short run through Metz. Well done!

                                      Circle Test Success!

Following the clan hunt, Other was talking up the clan about her upcoming circle test. Supportive clanmates accompanied her to the testing arena and were spectators for her round in the ring. Perhaps it was the clan pride (or just a badass Bloodmage), but Other passed the seventh-circle fighter test! Congratulations to our lone Bloodmage!

With the clan abuzz following Other’s circle test success, Lister convinced Ravenstorm to take a shot at the eighth-circle fighter test. Ravenstorm had not taken the test in yeas, and was reluctant, but was eventually persuaded. We were all extremely elated when Raven passed! Congratulations on 8th, Raven, it’s years overdue!

                                     Malakar And Kinon

Given the low active healer population in Neko No Kessha, it is always enjoyable to have Malakar come along. However with his scarce appearances, the clan hadn’t had an opportunity to properly to dress Malakar for success! Fortunately, we did half of it during our ash hunt! Now that fen needs some pants!

In response to Kinon’s recent contributions to the clan, he was offered, and accepted, Honorary Member status! Kinon has been a generous contributor to the clan uniform upgrade project, as well as a regular hunt mate. Welcome aboard!

Clan Hunt Time Change, Raffle Results, Color For Clan Captain

Posted in Clan Hunts on August 19, 2011 by nekonokessha

                                    Clan Hunt Time Change

Beginning Monday, August 22nd, the daily Neko No Kessha clan hunt time will be changed from 9:00 pm EST to 8:00 pm EST (5:00 pm PDT)

Please contact Suu’ub, Lister or Raven if you have a scheduling conflict with the new time. If the new time proves to be inconvenient after a trial run, we will revert to the original time.

                                   Puma Pelt Raffle Results!

Congratulations to Tabatha, the winner of a Puma Pelt from our clan raffle! The clan would like to thank all of the participants for a successful and profitable event. 13 clan members and honorary members entered the raffle, resulting in 13,000 coins raised for the clan fund. Hopefully the clan raffle will become a routine event, so check back soon! Thanks again for the support!

                                          Captain’s Colors

The clan uniform upgrade project has completed the colors for our Honorary Captain Zorglub! This upgrade for Glub was long overdue, and not many are more deserving of such fine threads. We’re pleased to finally have you representing in style, Glub!

Fresh Meat, With Sauce

Posted in Clan Events on August 12, 2011 by nekonokessha

Neko No Kessha is proud to have a new Honorary Member! Sloppy joined up after a unanimous clan vote in favor. We are pleased to have another fine player representing our clan, and are looking forward to sharing our clan benefits with such an honorable healer! Unfortunately, Sloppy already possessed our clan uniform, so instead we chipped in for a plate of cookies, which he devoured happily after the hunt.

Suu’ub III Returns For Lister’s Celebration

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After a short vacation, Suu’ub III returned on August 7th to celebrate Lister’s real life birthday with the clan! The occasion was highlighted by a customary Rainforest and Ash hunt, that went splendidly. Happy birthday, Lister, and thanks for sharing it with the clan!

The clan was pleased to have Mork, the loyal Sloppy, and PureHero join the fight.

Mossy Moves Up!

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Congratulations to Darkmos, our latest Honorary Member, on his passing of the seventh-circle fighter test! Clearly not the wuss™ he claims to be, he celebrated his achievement with a nice nap in a town puddle.