Festive Fens, Red Moss

The clan was delighted to learn that D’Ead was interested in shedding her trademark cloak to display her tail. Of course, she wanted to properly represent with her new look. D’Ead and Neko No Kessha combined to create her clan uniform. However, we were pleased with D’Ead’s determination to independently obtain her colors. It was unanimously agreed that D’Ead looks awesome.

For some time now, Tabby has been working on a casual outfit, for when her clan uniform is at the cleaners. She has been vigorously collecting orgaberries to create a bright pink. She recently completed the outfit, and it also looks awesome. Congratulations on completing your new jammies, Tabby!

Finally, following the nightly hunt, Neko No Kessha offered honorary membership to Darkmos! Mossy accepted, and was presented with an honorary NNK red shirt. Mossy has been a hunt regular, thus the clan decided it was proper that he match the crowd. In addition, Mossy is a friendly, capable hunter, which the clan felt deserved recognition.

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