Clan Hunt Conquers Glen Myrms, Castle

The daily clan hunt decided to dry off from Rainforest, and set off to explore the Mountain Glen. With a capable group, we cleared the Myrm Hive with confidence, and successfully raided the Queen Chamber, slaying the Matriarch. The hunt went on to raid the Castle, and nearly met tragedy when a freakishly large spawn of over 10 Mammoth Banana Arachne trapped us in a narrow passage. Thankfully, quick feet helped the majority escape, and the spawn was eliminated. The clan hunt finished the night with an Ash Mauso run.

The clan performed commendably outside their Metz element, and the change of scenery was enjoyed by all. Neko No Kessha would like to acknowledge Sloppy Joe and Darkmos for their contributions to our clan hunts with their regular attendance!

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