Suu’ub III Reports On Estuary Expansion

I recently joined an expedition to the Estuary, to explore the latest addition. Perhaps not an exploration for others, since they seemed to know where they were going, but I believe this expansion is very recent and possibly appeared after our last chaos storm. Gurgi led the expedition, as our clanmate Leinis called the play-by-play. Neko No Kessha was well represented, with D’Ead, Tabatha, Asparagus, Leinis and myself present. Unfortunately I had to exit early, but heard the hunt ended successfully.

The new area is referred to as the Undermarsh. It’s a strange maze of underwater passages beneath the Delta. Water breathing potions now have a practical use on the mainland, as they may save your life if you get stuck below too long. If you don’t happen to have any potions, there is an alternative: an aquatic beetle, that once killed, supplies air to all within a small radius. This air will last you while you’re submerged, however if you fall or exit to the surface, this air supply is exhausted. These features make navigating this maze logistically challenging. However, it does add a twist to keep you focused, although not always entertained. Like webs and earthquakes, underwater battle is the great equalizer, with no training available to combat it’s effects.

This water world has a few exciting features to offer adventurers. Somewhere along the way we ran into a vendor. This vendor offers a variety of pants, made with Tangleberries and a Caustic Gland (and a 1,500 coin fee.) He claims each pair is unique, however I suspect he holds a set number of styles which are given to you at random. I have seen a hideous pair that you couldn’t pay me to take, and a very desirable pair that I’d offer up thousands for. It’s luck of the draw…

The Caustic Gland mentioned above for the pants vendor is acquired by slaying the “boss.” Unfortunately our group did not have a chance to do so, since an earlier group had dispatched it too recently.

My opinion on this expansion is mixed. It’s a sketchy ride, and could end in tragedy rather abruptly, even with a capable group. However it has good experience, an end boss, and an item. I’m interested to see if it becomes popular, but either way, Estuary as a whole is now a very lucrative hunting ground and a worthy competitor to Metz.

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