NNK Proudly Introduces D’Ead!

Neko No Kessha is proud to announce that D’Ead has joined the pride! After a recent wardrobe malfunction that led to fuzz pouring out of D’Ead’s trademark red cloak, she finally decided to go public. Much to our delight, she was our favorite flavor!

Our long-time friend D’Ead had been a loyal clan supporter, as well as an honorary clan member for many years. The entire clan was delighted with the news of D’Ead’s fen blood, and quickly began talking about making her an NNK. With no debates, D’Ead was unanimously voted in on Wednesday, July 6th.

Shortly after the induction, our favorite clan Bloodmage Other, all pumped up with clan pride, successfully passed the 6th circle fighter test! Congratulations, Other!

A great night for Neko No Kessha. Thanks mates!

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