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NNK forms coalition with clan Hunter!

Posted in Uncategorized on May 31, 2011 by nekonokessha

Recently NNK and Hunter joined forces to devastate the metz rain forest. The large hunt was led by Lister and formed by Turalyon. Thanks to our great allies for a fun filled hunt!

Black And Blue

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The scheduled Neko No Kessha free raffle for a Thundercloud shirt from the carnival was decided before it began! In an honorable display of respect, the eligible clanmates forfeited their chance at the prize and unanimously declared Ravenstorm the winner. His dedication to the clan and leadership on the hunts is worthy of reward, and all were happy to give something back!

Jade has joined the clan as an Honorary Member! As is standard practice, the clan offered to provide Jade with an honorary red shirt to better represent her new status. However, the well dressed Jade already owned a red shirt, and was more in need of a black skirt to compliment her wardrobe. The clan was happy to provide it, and is delighted to have Jade properly representing the colors!

Jade Joins, Tabby Sports Spots!

Posted in Clan Events on May 27, 2011 by nekonokessha

Finally, our Tabby has learned to morph the Rudremau! Upon completion, Tabby expressed her thanks to the clan, and Lister expressed his joy for no more lasties! We hope your new form serves you well. And if not, at least it’s cute. Knowing Tabby, that was probably it’s intended purpose anyway… Congratulations!

In other clan news, Neko No Kessha has signed Jade on as an Honorary Member! She has been a great addition to the clan hunts, and has made fast friends with the clan. We’re very pleased she decided to attach her name to our clan, and look forward to having her around for future fun!

In addition to Jade’s new clan badge, she has just earned a new healing badge! Congratulations to Jade for passing the 7th circle healer test!

Ripe Red Vegetable

Posted in Clan Events on May 10, 2011 by nekonokessha

Bypassed during the recent clan uniform upgrade project due to his spotty appearances, Neko No Kessha finally caught up with Asparagus and his uniform. With his recent attendance up, the clan decided it was time to craft the clan vegetable a bright red shirt! We’re pleased to have you finally representing in the finest Asparagus, and now matching perfectly with the wife!

NNK gets Jaded

Posted in Clan Events on May 8, 2011 by nekonokessha

After a long library slumber, Jade has returned to the lands! Neko No Kessha has been lucky to have her regularly attending clan hunts since her return. A solid healer with a good attitude, Jade has been a great addition to the nightly hunts, and we hope she sticks around. In return for her help, the clan decided to help catch Jade up with the latest gear! A suggestion was made to create a full set of iron armor and an asklepian staff, and everyone present was on board. Thanks to Ravenstorm for donating an iron shield, and to our other clanmates for chipping in with iron and ingots, as well as D’Ead and Turalyon from our Honorary Division for their iron donations. Hope you enjoy the gear, Jade, and thanks for your support of Neko No Kessha!

Information about Jade:
Jade had been studying for about 5 years OOC. She is a 6th circle healer with good speed, range, and Horus. She is married to Viola, and is the 3rd witch of Puddleby. She is a member of Sisters of the Sun, and is currently training Radium.

Estuary Expands Again!

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Our Fen brothers at the Estuary Building Commission have done it again, bridging a gap to a new expansion! Perhaps the fastest builders the lands have ever seen, this is the 3rd addition to the original Estuary that they have accessed. Along with new creatures and appealing scenery, this area has a few extra features to offer adventurers. The main attraction being a free rank to first time explorers! In addition, the area contains a boat dock for a quick exit, a new bridge builder, and finally… a use for silk! Yes, we can all smack ourselves for dumping our previously useless silk. For 3 skeins of silk and about 700 coins, you can create a pastel pink shirt, or pants. In my opinion, this clothing is rather unremarkable, however it is a dye base for some of the finest, creating Maha gold with just a few cheap dyes. In response to this discovery, the price of silk has risen substantially. Perhaps a bug? Perhaps not. We’ll wait and see!

In conclusion, the new Estuary is a great addition. As a whole, the area can now sustain a group for an hour or two of continuous hunting. New creatures create new Ranger challenges. Perhaps eventually it will retire Metz as the honey hole of the lands!

For anyone interested in hunting the Estuary, Azel holds a daily hunt there (except Sunday), starting at 12pm EST, 9am PST. Azel’s hunts are invite-only, so inquire with her about joining! The latest Estuary building project could also use your building materials, so if you can’t make it, donate them to Azel, or contact your local NNK-Estuary hunt representative (Tabatha) to keep the builders working!

Thanks to Tabatha for providing these great pictures!