Asp Earns Blue, Downy Turns Red

The clan is happy to announce that our good friend Downyfoot has joined the pride as an Honorary Member! After calling himself an NNK guest for some time, the clan decided to offer Downy a badge. Along with his new status, he was presented with an honorary NNK red shirt and full clan benefits (minus the tail). Following the induction, Downyfoot graciously donated an orgaberry to the clan. Always needed! Thank you, silent Dwarf!

In other news, our clan vegetable has recently stepped up his game! Asparagus has passed the 6th circle fighter test! Sightings of our lazy, library-loving vegetable had been scarce. However, Asparagus has recently made excellent attendance on the clan hunts, and his hard work has paid off. He and his wife, Tabatha, have been solid contributors to the clan hunts (as well as the clan fund), and we’re all very pleased that you can now have matching outfits!

5 Responses to “Asp Earns Blue, Downy Turns Red”

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