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D’Ead Morphs Cave Cobra!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 28, 2011 by nekonokessha

Neko No Kessha would like to congratulate our long time Honorary Member D’Ead on her most recent accomplishment – Cave Cobra morph! D’Ead put in around 6 months of work on the morph, and finally completed it yesterday, February 26th. This is D’Ead’s 2nd morph. She had managed to sneak in a Flying Foxweir morph in between. Well done, D’Ead!

D’Ead says, “thanks to NNK, Mujin, and everyone who helped me with lasties.”

Aye’cha Joins The Pride!

Posted in Clan Events on February 25, 2011 by nekonokessha

Neko No Kessha is proud to announce the induction of Aye’cha to the clan! After a dedicated prospect period where she had attended nearly all of the clan’s hunts, the clan unanimously voted her in on February 23rd. Aye’cha is a 7th circle Ranger, as well as a talented Bard and a gifted artist. Thank you for choosing NNK, Aye’cha, and we’re pleased to have you on board!

Here is a sample of her work. A portrait of Aye’cha: Half Fen – Half Haremau!

An excellent turnout for Aye’cha’s induction. We were pleased to see a sea of red and black!

Footgrab Frenzy

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A few days ago, a rare phenomenon occurred in town center: a color-coordinated footgrab line! This specially organized rainbow line spanned an entire screen, and was aligned by a professional chicken, who was the original orchestrator of the event.

Adventures In Estuary

Posted in Uncategorized on February 24, 2011 by nekonokessha

Recently, our clanmate Azel has been hosting regular trips to the Southern Estuary, and has been getting a lot done. As a personal achievement, she is progressing well towards her goal of a Reedcat morph. Furthermore, her group has been working hard on the many building projects in the marsh. So far, 3 new bridges have been built, leading to different, and progressively harder islands. The latest development, a vine rope bridge, was completed recently. This unique bridge leads to another section of the Estuary named the Southern River Delta. The beast assortment is the same, with the addition of Black Mambas. A few sn’ells beyond the vine bridge, another tent was discovered. The Fen Building Commission is back to work! Our fen brothers are working hastily on their next project, and we hope to have an update soon!

There was a strange occurrence in this picture here. A Flotsam Meshra and a [semi-hidden] Sortoise had fallen, but maintained their health bars. We believe it to be a glitch caused by a Baby Ebb Meshra, who let out a group healing burst when they are killed.

Fearr Moves On

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We are sad to announce that our good friend Fearr has decided to leave Neko No Kessha. His dedication to the clan was commendable, however conflicting time zones and the uncertain role of a Mystic proved problematic for his participation in clan activities. Thank you for your commitment and dedication in representing our clan, and we wish you the best in your travels!

Exciting Clan News and Updates!

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                                       Free Armor Repairs!

Have you always been wanting more clan benefits?! Neko No Kessha is now offering free armor repairs to our clan members, AND our Honorary Members! So wear that armor without worry, it’s covered!

In other news…

Neko No Kessha would like to congratulate the following people on their recent achievements!

• Azel passes 7th circle fighter test.
• Tabatha passes 6th circle fighter test.
• [Honorary Member] Amberdrake passes 7th circle fighter test.
• [Honorary Member] Lovs’ya completes Chapter 2 of Pathfinding Book 1.
• Turalyon earns the rank of Honorary Member.
• Aye’cha signs on as a clan prospect.

                                     Ravenstorm gets horny!

Our loyal clanmate Ravenstorm was recently the lucky grand prize winner of a horn at the casino! Although we’re all very jealous, he has been generous of enough to claim it as the NNK horn. We appreciate the loans, although i’m sure our huntmates do not!

And finally…

We have some very exciting news from the real world! During a recent trip to the states, Asparagus popped the question to Tabatha, and she accepted! We’d like to think that the clan brought them together, but whatever the case is, we’re all very happy for the two of you! Congratulations on your engagement and best wishes on your future together.