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Evus Acknowledges Lister

Posted in Uncategorized on December 19, 2010 by nekonokessha

Lister recently submitted to long-term clan harassment to increase his Histia, and was rewarded for his efforts. Evus acknowledged his accomplishment with a ledger! Although the exact number is unknown, the ledger was received somewhere between 1,750 and 2,000 ranks. Lister has now attained mastery in Evus, Detha, Regia, Atkia, and Swengus. Congratulations, Lister!

High Fashion Mystic

Posted in Uncategorized on December 9, 2010 by nekonokessha

After recently being sworn in as an honorary member to Neko No Kessha, Lov’sya decided to obtain a red shirt to honor his new status. Afterwards, we gathered D’Ead, Dyaus, Pendarric, Lister and Lamprey for a run to KI for Lister to complete the Albino pelt quest. The quest was completed and we exited successfully, with Dyaus and Lov’sya completing the quest to exit the island. From this, Lov’sya received his final training in Book 1.

Shown here styling the new threads in the fallen position.

We appreciate your efforts in representing our clan!