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NNK Hunts Rainforest; Nyra makes friends with big cats

Posted in Clan Events, Clan Hunts on March 29, 2010 by nekonokessha

The clan has been pushing deeper and deeper into the jungles of Metzetli island; ¬†defeating challenges such as Utsanna Haremau, Madzume Yorilla, and hordes of smaller beasts. ¬†While we’ve met a few hiccups along the way (Damn PF!) the cat clan is proud of the progress of all its members.

Hell Snell

NNK bricks set up a wall to protect taggers

In other news, Haremau aren’t exactly like Christian the Lion, but Nyra has finally practiced enough with Splash O’Sul to befriend the magnificent beasts.

Finally, away jerseys have finally been acquired by Lister and Aryton, due to generous donations from Suu’ub III and Lightbringer.