More New (old) Faces!

More old faces have blessed Puddleby’s mudhole with their return!  While the library absolutely glistens with allure, I’m certain these few returnees have beaten off quite the addiction to books!

Neko No Kessha happily welcomes the return of the Fuxfell family!  The Fuxfells, fur-crazed Dalia, and speed demon Ugo, have been long-time members of of the Cat Clan, and will remain members in good standing despite their lack of fur!   Ugo accompanied NNK to Twilight Passes on Metz:

Sparky, a fighter originally from Edaria, has returned after 20 years in the library.  Noivad sponsored a recent foothills coining trip and had Sparky along.  

Mortis, a Ghorak Zo, claims to have been studying for a horrifyingly long 32 years in the library.

NnK welcomed him back with a gloamings hunt!  Azel was upset because she couldn’t make it!

Nyra is ever-grateful for the generous use of a Red Healing Potion.

Please join NNK in welcoming these new (old) exiles back into our midsts!

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