NNK Aids in Town Defense

Valorous warriors Lister, Nyla, Leinis, and Lightbringer, along with the stalwart Suu’ub III, helped ward off a recent Ratticus invasion in town.  The invasion started early in the day with a few Ratticus menacing the town healers, but the rodents continually grew stronger in both number and kind as the day went on.

Some of the more difficult ratticus were: Ratticus Nervousa, Ratticus Hardia, Shadow Ratticus, Mypretty Ratticus, and Ratticus Ravenousa.  The ravenousa seemed to swing like an Abyssal Hunter!


Thunderatticus Standoff!

The invasion was capped by the appearance of a Thunderatticus, which took the cooperation of several powerful fighters!

Gorvin skinned the Thunderatticus, much to town’s surprise!

Finally, after a strong showing from all of Puddleby, the Gods rewarded our defense efforts with the message, “• Today the rat towers hunt YOU (You gain some experience).”

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